In fire safety in industrial installations, we  design and project any type of system that protects property and persons in case of fire, by selecting and installing an early detection system and adequate risk to protect.

For this we use brands like HONEYWELL, NOTIFIER, SIEMENS, ESSER, MORLEY, etc.

We complement the solution with the design and installation of a manual or an automatic system of extinction linked to the detection system, properly chosen for the risk to be hedged, by selecting the appropriate extinction agent: water in all its systems, pulverized or nebulized, CO2, FM200, NOVEC, INERT gases, etc. We design and supply pipelines using calculation systems approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and HASS for water or COOSA for CO2 or the programs approved by manufacturers for other gases.

We select and calculate the supply of the water system determining the adequate water pump and its pipe sections.

Within the design and engineering of the installation we apply the specific regulations of the country and we are generally familiar with the UNE standard applicable to these installations and with NFPA regulations.