Design, engineering, and assembly of indoor distribution substations, for all type of industries, mines, tertiary buildings, etc.  for 24kV, 36kV and 50kV insulation solutions. Using switchgear of major brands like SIEMENS, ORMAZABAL, MESA, SCHNEIDER, ABB, INAEL, etc., mineral oil-filled transformers, silicone transformer or dry-type transformers, control of the installation through the protection integrated in the MV ring main units and SEPAM type remote control or directly fused.

M.V. solutions can be sited in dedicated rooms, in concrete housings, or in maritime containers duly adapted to integrate the substation, and still permitting the ease of worldwide transport by any means (ship, train or truck).


Design, engineering, automation and assembly of any sort of low voltage installation in every of the sectors where is demanded, adapting the solution to the local regulations and international standards that might be applicable: IEC, NEMA, UL, SEC, etc.

We can perform the entire installation (distribution board, switchboards, power supply mains, sub-distribution boards, electric circuits, feeders, switchgear, control boards, PLCs, etc.) or clearly separated parts like protection and switching boards.

The materials and equipment employed in our installations are always from main manufacturers; SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNEIDER, etc. Within the field of low voltage installations, we also offer explosion protection solutions to hazardous areas by employing equipment with the appropriate type of protection according to the classification of the site where will be installed; Flameproof enclosures (d); intrinsically safe (i); increased safety (e); pressurized enclosures (p), etc; and fulfilling the requirements of the flammable substance in presence in the explosive atmosphere, either gases or vapours: firedamp, methane, propane, etc. or solids like dusts and flyings.