The true value of SAZEPI resides in the people who comprise it.

Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, SAZEPI has a technical team made up of engineers and highly skilled staff who allow us to develop and carry out complex installations and projects.

SAZEPI also collaborates with a number of companies, including:


All the above, together with the great quality of our products, enables us to offer integral solutions to our customers regardless of where they are.


The evolution of SAZEPI is made evident by the increased complexity of the projects that we have performed year after year.

Key projects such as the installations performed in the New Central University Hospital of Asturias, or the Buenavista group buildings in Oviedo designed by Santiago Calatrava (Congress hall, hotel, public administration offices, shopping centre and car park) are a reflection of the technical and performance skills of our company.

Great companies from different sectors such as mining, construction, railway, steel construction, energy, food, shopping centres, engineering firms, hotels, universities, public administration, are among our main customers.

Our clients have placed their trust in us due to our professionalism and our expertise.


Desde el principio, la dirección de SAZEPI se propuso como objetivo prioritario alcanzar y mantener las más altas cotas de calidad en la prestación de sus servicios, de acuerdo con los requisitos de calidad aplicables y los exigidos por sus clientes.

Para alcanzar este objetivo, SAZEPI estableció y documentó un sistema que le permite garantizar la calidad de sus servicios, mediante un estricto control del proceso y de los medios empleados.

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