Complete dedication to our client, using their ideas and our experience to establish a working solution. We cooperate with our client from start to finish, communicating throughout the various stages of the project until completion. We are open to any kind of scope set within our area of expertise.


Over the past few years, we have consolidated our expertise in the industry sector with electrical and fire fighting installations by performing several of the tasks involved such as:

  • Engineering and project design of the installations
  • Assembly and execution on site
  • Instrumentation and automation
  • Commissioning and start up

These tasks have equipped our company with a set of both human and material resources that allow us to face new challenges in this sector and position ourselves as one of the reference companies developing projects around the world.


We have a dedicated team of accredited technical specialist in the design of electrical installations, fire safety and automation of industry processes to implement and develop client projects. We also have a team of highly qualified workers with extensive experience in the assembly of installations.

At SAZEPI, we make use of material resources, modern machinery, adapted hardware and updated software to deliver the solutions we propose. We also have equipment in our facilities, allowing the manufacture of complex items which can be transported on site.


We believe from our experience that the way to establish a lasting relationship with our customers is to build empathy, by understanding their needs and achieving their goals. This approach to relationship building has meant that the trade relations with our customers have become personal and maintained over the years.


We have carried out electrical, automation and control installations as well as fire safety installation works in quarrying/aggregates plants, bulk storage in harbors and plant yards, different material conveying systems like belt conveyors, transference towers, electrical and control panels for gas burners, process control system of air compressors, fluid pumps, etc. Fire safety systems in power plants, combined cycle power plants, diesel generation plants, and storage of liquid petroleum fuels.