From a 20ft or 40ft shipping container or any else measure container also maritime certified, we proceed to adapt it according to the engineering solution to integrate inside, without losing the characteristics for maritime transport, it can contain a distribution substation, a motor control centre, a monitoring room for process control via PLCs, an electrical room, a fire control valve room, a pump room fire fighting, a mixed set combining several solutions inside. By reinforcing and applying finishing treatments we provide it with the appropriate structural strength and suitable characteristics for the intended use.

To accomplish this work, we employ 3D design and structural simulation and calculation software (INVENTOR, and CYPE3D), to subsequently proceed with the refurbishment of the container to it adapt to purpose.

This solution offered, has been currently applied as power conversion station (PCS) containing inverters + step-up transformers in PV plants, motor control centre with VSDs for long length conveyor belts of TBMs, and for High power Fans.

The finishing level of the inside could be set as friendly as the customer may demand.